PHDT Gazetted under the Ministry of CE&EID

PHDT comes under the purview of The Ministry of Community Empowerment & Estate Infrastructure Development by Gazette Notification
Minister of Community Empowerment & Estate Infrastructure Development– Hon. Arumugam Thondaman (M.P.)

The Ministry of Community Empowerment & Estate Infrastructure Development is the apex organization responsible for the formulation of policies, projects, programmes and the relevant statutory provisions for the management and development of the plantation infrastructure.

Increasing the growth and productivity of the plantation sector through the socio economic development of the Estate Community for greater contribution by the produce from the plantations in the country to the national economy is the main development goal.


The other objectives are;

  • Creation of rural employment, livelihood improvement of rural communities, poverty reduction and enhancement of health and nutrition of vulnerable groups by conducting relevant initiatives.
  • Implementation of projects to provide basic welfare facilities such as housing, infrastructure, water & sanitation to improve the quality of life and dignity of the Estate Community who are the backbone of the Plantation Industry.

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