Government Projects


Among the core support functions is the provision of housing to the plantation workers. Here whereas the current coverage stood at nearly 40,000, it was necessary to provide even more so to expand housing facilities to all. This is even more complicated by the term housing in reality covering also, water & electricity connections to the 7 perches land of 550 sqft which includes 2 rooms, 1 kitchen, 1 living area). 

The support of the highest authorities of the land is recognition enough of the crucial work done in this manner, with HE the President of Sri Lanka, the Prime Minister, and other dignitaries playing an important part.

The provision of motorbikes to the Engineering Assistant to easily access the estate, and other staff of the PHDT enables and ensures the improved connectivity towards the plantation communities around the nation.

Year No of Approved Houses
2015 338
2016 1109
2017 2148
2018 863


Mobilization Training

It is not enough to provide housing – here is the role that sustainability plays. Via Mobilization training to the community, the conveniences of modern housing, its usage, its maintenance, and other details are inculcated into the people in order to make sustainable housing a living practical reality.


Poverty Elimination Projects

Augmenting a well rounded vision, such activities to hold the community in good stead are implemented – these would primarily include the beekeeping, fisheries cultivation project, and others, to ensure the self sustenance of the communities at all times.


Child Development centres 

Looking to the future wellbeing of our little ones among these families we serve, The current situation of the Child Development stands at nearly 1,000 centers. A number of projects, essential for their wellbeing were launched including, the Early Childhood Development project which recognizes the importance of supporting early childhood care and development, a project in collaboration with the government and the world bank.

Indeed, more initiatives such as the child caring home – centrally accessible, and located in a safe locale, provides the exact same, if not better, childcare support and development a child would experience from an elite school in Colombo. This is achieved by the placement of trained and experienced caregivers, who are supported by estate management as well. Needless to say, the PHDT staff are well immersed in the project providing a solid anchoring to ensure the process is stable and our children get the education and care they deserve.


Cooking Demonstration Programs

The initiative taken to teach the people of cooking with modern utensils, of good quality nutritional values is a popular one! Quality life consists of quality nutritional value. 


Water Projects

As per the present situation, coverage of water supply extends to (figure to be put in). It is expected to remedy this situation via projects such as The World Bank Assisted Water Supply And Sanitation Improvement Projects being implemented by the government of Sri Lanka – one such project which aims to provide safe drinking water services and improve sanitation facilities.


Sanitation Projects

Following this pattern of clean living, we extend our service to the field of latrines as well whereby our policy of developing at least one latrine for nearby families, preventing and reducing the possibility of environmental pollution, and preserving quality water supplies for cleaning, drinking and cooking, further improving the quality of life for our families.


Roads and Infrastructure 

One does not need to be a professional to know the toll that the estate road network takes on wheels and legs with the treacherous conditions it turns into, in bad weather. PHDT has paid particular attention to this, with the advocating and development of concrete roads, immutable to climatic conditions, and thus making a long term investment inaccessibility, both from an economic and social perspective. 



The housing project together with the connected one of re-roofing insures the populace with a steady roof above their heads, via repairing the existing line rooms.