Government Ministries

PHDT comes under the purview of The State Ministry of Estate Housing and Community Infrastructure by Gazette Notification
State Minister of Estate Housing and Community Infrastructure – Hon. Jeevan Thondaman (M.P.)

The State Minister of Estate Housing and Community Infrastructure is the apex organization responsible for the formulation of policies, projects, programes and the relevant statutory provisions for the management and development of the plantation infrastructure.

Increasing the growth and productivity of the plantation sector through the socio economic development of the Estate Community for greater contribution by the produce from the plantations in the country to the national economy is the main development goal.

The other objectives are;

  • Creation of rural employment, livelihood improvement of rural communities, poverty reduction and enhancement of health and nutrition of vulnerable groups by conducting relevant initiatives.
  • Implementation of projects to provide basic welfare facilities such as housing, infrastructure, water & sanitation to improve the quality of life and dignity of the Estate Community who are the backbone of the Plantation Industry.

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Ministry of Plantation Industries and Export Agriculture

The Ministry of Plantation Industries was firstly established in the year 1971 for the development of the plantation crops including tea, rubber, coconut, palmyrah, sugarcane, mulberry and cashew. With the amendment to the functions of the Ministries on 29th January 2007, development of the traditional plantation crops of Sri Lanka such as tea, rubber, coconut, sugarcane and oil palm was assigned to this Ministry and Janatha Estates Development Board, State Plantation Corporation and the Plantation Companies such as Kurunegala, Chilaw and Elkaduwa were also coming under the purview of this Ministry. Thereafter, as per the amendment to the functions of the Ministries on 30.04.2010, in addition to the traditional plantation crops such as tea, rubber and coconut, development activities of sugarcane and oil palm under the plantation crops which are not assigned to any other Ministry, was also assigned to this Ministry. Later, on the amendment to the functions on 22.11.2010, in addition to tea and rubber, development activities of oil palm under the plantation crops which are not assigned to any other Ministry has also been coming under the purview of this Ministry.

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Ministry of Finance & Planning

The ministry is responsible for the formulation of national economic and financial policies and strategies of the country. Formulation of fiscal policy and macro fiscal policy management, preparation of national development plan and management of financial resources, management of national tax policy and effective use of government revenue and coordination with the Central Bank on the formulation of monetary policies and overall macro economic management are some of its other responsibilities

In addition, the coordination of public and private sector activities and facilitation of the private sector for economic development, coordination with international agencies and mobilization of foreign resources ensuring effective use, management and accounting for the consolidated fund and publication of annual accounts of the country on international standards, overall management of revenue agencies and administrative and monitoring functions in respect of state banking and financial institutions are important functions performed by this ministry.

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Ministry of Health, Nutrition & Indigenous Medicine

The Health Services of the Government functions under a Cabinet Minister assisted by a Deputy Minister. Officials of the Administrative and professional cadre, which include four Additional Secretaries, administratively support the Secretary Health in managing 9 health services. The Director General of Health Services has immediate support from 17 Deputy Director Generals each in-charge of a special programme area. Deputy Director Generals have in their jurisdiction a number of Directors responsible for different programmes and organizations.

The Ministry of Health (Central Government) is primarily responsible for the protection and promotion of peoples’ health. Its key functions include among others, setting of Policy guidelines, medical, nursing and Para-medical education & training, management of Teaching and specialized medical institutions and the bulk purchase of medical requisites.

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