ECD Project

Early Childhood Development Project

ECDP (Plantation Component)

The PHDT is a Tripartite Organization consisting of the Government of Sri Lanka (GOSL), Regional Plantation Companies (RPCs) and Plantation Trade Unions (TU) formed by the GOSL. PHDT will be responsible for improving the ECD facilities and skills of the Child Development Officers in the Plantations under the ECD project.

PHDT will undertake the following activities under the supervision of the MoHCNVICD based on the work program agreed with the MWCA;

  • Upgrade old, poor quality ECD centers in unserved/underserved areas of the plantation sector.
  • Refurbish existing ECD centers/ Child Development Center (CDC).
  • Conduct parent/teacher awareness programs and teacher training programs.
  • Regularly visit the supported ECD centers/CDC supervise progress, monitor their activities and provide feedback and enter monitoring data in the sector MIS.
  • Annually collect basic data on all ECD centers in the division and enter them in the ECD sector MIS;
  • Maintain regular communication with the PMU and MoHCNVICD. provide them with regular updates and submit reports; and
  • Facilitate Child Development Officers (CDOs) in conducting child development assessment.


Budget (Plantation Component): US$ 10 Million (LKR 1,700 Mn)


ECD Project Objectives

Enhancing equitable access and improving the quality of ECD Services.

  • Centres achieving minimum standards in quality & facilities.
  • Improving the capacity of Child Development officers to a nationally accepted standard.
  • Attract Children from 0-5 years in Estates benefited to attend CDCs developed.
  • Providing an opportunity for children to learn, develop & obtain the foundation for formal education in the future.


ECD Indicators 

  1. Children enrolled in ECD centres-Increase attendance
  2. ECD centres meeting national quality standards in Plantations
  3. Number of project beneficiaries (children (0-5 years), parents, CDOs and teacher assistants
  4. ECD centres receiving facility
  5. ECD centres receiving teaching-learning material packages
  6. Persons completing ECD Diploma Training
  7. CDOs and assistants CDOs completing short-term training(Refresher Training)
  8. Development of ECD resource centres in Provinces


ECD Project Launching Ceremony – 01st March 2016

Summary of the Hardware Activities

No  Activity  2016 2017  2018 
No of units planned Achieved No of units planned Achieved No of units planned Achieved
1 New CDCs 20 20 36* 17 work in Progress 28 Not awarded
2 Renovation CDCs 35 35 35 35 35 1
3  New Play Areas 35 35 35 35 35 7
4  Renovation Play Areas 42 42 42 42 41 12


Photos of the New Child Development Centres

Renovation CDCs

Pay Items

Summary of the Software Activities 

Activity 2016 2017 2018
Software Planned Achieved Planned Achieved Planned Achieved
CDO Diploma 200 197 200 219 06 Pro-

CDOs 100

4 Programs completed
Parental awareness 70 70 350 350 350 112
Refresher Training 0 0 718 carry forwarded to 2018 712 97

(2 Prog)


Diploma Awarding Ceremony

The diploma award ceremony held at BMICH on 28th July 2018.


CDOs Diploma Training Programme

Refresher Training Programme


Parental Awareness Programme