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The Ten District declared as natural hazard prone in Sri Lanka are covering the Plantation sector which is in a vulnerable situation as the Plantation consists of over 1½ million populations and with the poor condition of shelter and sanitation.

As this community is the backbone of the country’s economy and most prone to disasters. There are large amounts of Human Life lost with the displacement of life of the community. Central Hills and the other highly elevation areas are the most affected by Natural Disasters.

The Plantation also consists of Man-Made Hazard area where illegal cutting of Tree’s, construction of unauthorized structures, drains being blocked and diverted for the needs of the community, which could be identified as disaster prone.

Sri Lanka being an island nation in the Indian Ocean and in the pathway of 2 monsoons that finds the needs of all our agricultural industry/irrigation needs all etc., and is a vital source of a lifetime to all life forms in the country.

The pollution, deforestation and all other Human Activities directed towards hazards, the Mother Earth’s life sustain blessings have now become a hazard.

The main cause hazard in Plantations in Sri Lanka

  • Wind Damage
  • Land Slides
  • Floods
  • House fire


Goals & Objectives

The Central Hills and the other High Elevation areas are the most affected by these hazards mainly landslides, floods, with this a large amount of Human life lost or displaced and lots of places of occupations and valuables are too lost every year amounting to millions of rupees in losses.

In addition the proposal is custom made to the Plantation Community as these people are the most affected at the times of these calamities as they largely live in the Central Hills and in the Direct Path of all these hazardous and the community and the management of the plantation was in need of an effective 1st respondents and major assistance at these periods.


011 3 88 88 52

(24 hours Service by Officer in charge)

Plantation Human Development Trust,

No: 01, Balakotuwa Camp Road, Pallekale,

Kandy, Sri Lanka.

help@phdt.lk / aa_kdy@phdt.lk

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