Awareness Programme for Adolescents

Awareness Programme for Adolescents was conducted on 28th December 2017 at Cotaganga Estate factory building. 71 Male & Female Adolescents were present.
At the commencement of the programme Manager, Health PHDT-Kandy welcomed the participants and she explained the importance of this programme.
Dr. Madavi Gunathilake-MO-MCH (RDHS Office Kandy) conducted a skill development programme for all participants. She also explained how to face challenges & problems by the youths, and also conducted some activities with them to gain knowledge.
Thereafter, Matron Ms. Shyamalee (RDHS Office-Kandy) discussed with girls from age13-20 years on preventive methods of child abuse & teenage pregnancies.
Finally, the Manager Health thanked all Resource Persons of RDHS Office Kandy, Cottaganga Estate Manager, staff and participants.
The programme was adjourned around 2.00p.m.

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