Welcome to PHDT

The Plantation Human Development Trust (PHDT) was first established on 18th September 1992 as the Plantation Housing & Social Welfare Trust (PHSWT) and incorporated in Sri Lanka under the Companies Act No 17th of 1982. The Organization was later re-named as the PHDT on 10th Oct. 2002.

The PHDT is a Tripartite Organization consisting of the Government of Sri Lanka (GOSL), Regional Plantation Companies (RPCs) and Plantation Trade Unions (TU) formed by the GOSL to implement social development programmes to enhance the quality of life of the one million Plantation Community in the Estates managed by the RPCs.

The PHDT functions under a Board of Directors comprised of representatives from the GOSL, RPCs and TUs spearheaded by the Director General who is supported by Internal Directors, Heads of Divisions, Management and the staff attached to the Main Office in Battaramulla. The Main Office team is strengthened by seven (7) Regional Offices located in the Plantation areas with Regional Directors, Management and staff in every office to implement the many initiatives undertaken by the PHDT to improve the quality of life of the Estate worker.

  • Our Vision
  • Our Mission
  • Values
  • Quality Policy

Our Vision

“To be the leading human development Organization trusted for excellence, providing sustainable development programs to continuously improve the quality of life in the plantations”

Our Mission

“To improve;

* Integrated services beneficial to plantation sector and its environs
* Social economic and spiritual well being
* Knowledge and self-confidence
* Occupational health and safety dimensions
* Talents and capabilities of the beneficiaries by bench marking against the best practices
* Productivity of the sector”


We will adopt an open door policy
We will ensure equity and fairness to our stakeholders
We will make people feel valued and demonstrate integrity
We will promote our team work through dedication and active listening
We will work and achieve our objectives as one family
We will ensure the stakeholder satisfaction through our dedicated activities

Quality Policy

We as an organization facilitating services to the Plantation sector are committed to;

Ensure that our organization be customer oriented in providing a quality service and enhance the quality of life in the plantations while adhering to the applicable guidelines and regulations.

Motivate our staff by developing their skills and competencies whilst promoting teamwork.

Use ISO 9001:2008 standard as our guideline to continuously improve all our activities and functions

Latest News and Announcements

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  • Inter Plantation Company Volleyball Tournament
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