Health and Mobilization Programmes

An ever present and ongoing work of the PHDT relates to one of critical, importance Рthe good health of the plantation workers. For this purpose, PHDT has connected stakeholders to arrange for free screening programs for early detection of malignancies, blindness, identification of risk factors on non- communicable diseases, correction of visual disorders.  Giving special advice on the prevention of drugs and alcoholism, free mobile clinics and drugs, sexual and gender base violence prevention awareness programs, and provision of medicines with advance care when required as well. Ayurvedic medical camps are a feature as well.

A key part of the work of PHDT has been to identify larger scale issues in the healthcare field. One such issue identified has been the continuous undernourishment of children of the plantation families – for which after many programs on nutrition values, food habits and others were conducted. The PHDT worked together with the Ministry of Hill Country, New Villages, Infrastructure, and Community Development. to introduce the protein-rich nutribar meal named Tikiri Shakthi a project worth 44 million, yet priceless in its benefits for our young ones.



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Conducting Medical Camps


Awareness Programmes 


Sports Activities

It’s not all about sanitation and housing – sports are key to all this too! With the inter plantation volleyball championship, cricket tournaments and other events, a fierce and friendly rivalry keeps the morale among our plantation families high, with the PHDT and on-site mobilizers closely involved and often enjoying themselves also a great deal.