Ratnapura Region

EWHCS Activities
rtp_1According to the concept of “Gas instead of firewood”, initiated by PHDT, Ratnapura Region was able to successfully implement usage of Laugfs gas among the plantation community. The main aim of this project is forming a healthy community, and minimizing respiratory diseases resulting from inhaling kitchen smoke.



Computer Training for EWHCS Staff

rtp_2The Region organised a series of Computer Training Programmes for staff of EWHCSs under the Co-operative Capacity Development Project of the National Co-operative Council of Sri Lanka. This project was implemented with funding from Swedish aid.
At the first stage of this project, 22 participants were awarded certificates after completing course of 06 months duration and the second batch of 37 participants are currently undergoing training at Ratnapura Co-op. Training Centre.

ILO Programme

rtp_4rtp_3Conducted a series of Gender Based Violence Programmes for 20 Estates randomly picked from the five RPCs in this region with the assistance of the International Labour Organisation.

The programmes were as follows:
• Estate Managers Awareness Meeting
• Awareness for Field Officers
• Training of Trainers – Health & Welfare Staff
• Five Day CDOs Training Programme
• Network Partners meeting

Health Camp at Springwood Estate

rtp_5A Health Camp was conducted at Springwood Estate, Rakwana under the purview of Hapugastenne Plantations PLC with the assistance of MOH Office, Godakawela. As many as 325 people participated at this event and basic medical tests were done. We were able to identify some non communicable diseases at this Health Camp.

Incidents of Gender Based Violence, Child Abuse, Child Labour are rapidly increasing. When considering the Estate Sector we observed these types of incidents are common and it was very important to educate the Estate Community specially adolescents and eligible couples.

Vision Care for Estate Community

rtp_6Nine Eye Camps were conducted in the Estates where 143 cataract patients were identified and were referred for cataract operation to Puttalam Arabi Hospital and Seeduwa Hospital under the direction of Dr S. Amaratunga, Eye Consultant.



CDO Diploma

rtp_7During the year, Ratnapura Region conducted CDO Diploma Course Phase I, II and III for the untrained and partly trained 51 Child Development Officers (CDOs).




Cancer Prevention Programme & Diploma Awarding Ceremony

rtp_8A training programme for the estate Health Staff on prevention & early detection of common cancers was held at the Auditorium of the Divisional Secretariat, Kuruwita with the assistance of the National Cancer Control Institute.

All EMAs, PHMs and PFWOs of the estates participated. The main objective of this programme was to educate the health staff on common cancers and how to detect same at early stages.

Children & Adults Day

rtp_9The International Children’s day was celebrated at the PHDT Range Office, Rilhena Estate with the participation ofapproximately 75 children selected from estates of the 5 RPCs.

Cultural events such as dances, playlets and songs were shown to the gathering including 30 senior citizens Plantations who had served the industry by working their entire life in the Plantations who were invited as special guests as the children’s day coincided with the Elder’s day.

The children enjoyed this event, displayed their skills and talents. Special emphasis were made to highlight the hazardous forms of child labour.

Programme on Teenage Pregnancies

rtp_10An awareness programme on teenage pregnancies was conducted at Pelmadulla Estate Club and Divisional Secretariat Office, Balangoda with the assistance of National Committee of Women, Ministry of Child Development & Women Affairs for the youth of the Estates in the Region.
Award of Recognition

The Ratnapura Regional Office was recognised with the Gold Award for small scale service sector Organisation in the “Social
Dialogue and Workplace Corporation Competition” conducted by the Ministry of Labour and Labour Relations.
The Award was presented by the Hon. Minister of Labour and Labour Relations on 10th December 2013 at the Sri Lanka Foundation Institute.

2 thoughts on “Ratnapura Region

  1. Great work. It is a divine service to look into the needs of the suffering, down-trodden people of Sri Lanka. Estate workers are the most-neglected community in our country. A lot more to be done. I believe that these programmes to promote the life styles of this community will be continued successfully. Thank you very much for all your services.
    C. Kalansooriya

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