Nuwara Eliya Region


Individual Houses given to the beneficiaries under Ministry of Hill Country New Villages & Infrastructure Community Development to the victims of disaster affected families.

Court Lodge Estate Court Lodge Division :

There are 24 housing units and it is a 15.6 Worth of project.


Sheen Estate  Lower Estate

18 Houses are building which worth 11.7 Mn.

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Sheen Estate  Upper Division  

12 Houses are building which worth 7.8 Mn.

Engineering Activities

The following development projects have been undertaken with the assistance of the Ministry of Livestock & Rural Community Development.

New Life Housing Projects

In order to improve the quality of life of the plantation community, the Ministry of Livestock & Rural Community Development (ML & RCD) has pledged support for many infrastructure development activities of which a significant proportion was for the construction of 107 new houses, in the region. They include estates of RPCs, Kelani Valley, Maturata, Kegalle and Watawala with the construction work in progress. The previous housing projects at Luckyland Estate and Kirklees Estate were ceremonially declared open and dedicated to the community.


In order to improve the existing worker dwellings, re-roofing programmes have been carried out in several estates with funding from the Ministry of Livestock and Rural Community Development supported by the Regional Plantation Companies. The number of units re-roofed was 144 by year end.


nel_01 nel_02The Region was allocated 200 units of latrines, by the Ministry of Livestock & Rural Community Development and construction work is in progress.




Health Activities

Several training programmes for Health and Welfare Staff of the plantations were carried out in the Region during the year under review.

Training Programme for Health/ Welfare Staff on Cancer

nel_03A training programme on early detection of cancer, prevention and referral was conducted for EMAs and health & welfare staff of 72 estates in the Nuwara Eliya Region. This programme was carried out by the National Cancer Control Programme.



Better Vision Healthy Ageing Programme

Better Vision Health Ageing programme directed by the Vision 2020 Secretariat of the Ministry of Health is being implemented through several partner organisations viz. Palm Foundation, Berendina Foundation, Sarvodaya and the PHDT. This programme is being supported by Fred Hollows Foundation and Burnet Institute in Australia.

The formation of elders’ clubs is an integral part of this exercise thereby, identification of vision related problems of elders, and the referral to Government Hospitals will be carried out in the future. Conducting of health camps, issuing of spectacles, and performing cataract operations are expected to be facilitated through these elders’ clubs. Furthermore, fostering of cultural activities, empowerment of elders and imparting their valuable experiences and knowledge to the community are some of the other activities of these clubs.

This programme is a pilot project confined to Nuwara Eliya and Walapane AGA divisions, covering 22 estates with 76 elders’ clubs formed in Nuwara Eliya AGA division and 8 clubs in Walapane AGA division.

The Elders’ day celebrations were conducted at Cinecita Hall in Nuwara Eliya with the participation of multiple stake holders of the programme and a similar activity was carried out at Dessford estate subsequently. More than 275 elders participated at Dessford estate displaying their talents.