Kandy Region

Wash Project

A preliminary investigation carried out by the Health authorities revealed that there was a probable contamination of the water supply source that feeds a large area of the downstream population of the Pussellawa catchments. The investigation revealed that Water was polluted with Hapatities ‘A’ virus and poor toilet systems had contributed to the spreading of the virus.

The project therefore proposed the building of latrines with a proper drainage system. Estates in the Pussellawa area is the main contamination sources of the Paradeka & Pussellawa water intakes.

Therefore, a holistic and consolidated approach was under taken to solve the water contamination problem in the long term and the under mentioned activities to derive maximum impact and benefits, were implemented at Melfort, Delta and Sogama estates in Pussellawa Plantations Ltd.

• Construction of 200 latrines in identified line rooms
• Construction of 03 field rest rooms with separate toilets
• Construction of 03 new and upgrading of existing water schemes
• Construction of 07 rain water harvesting projects

kdy_01kdy_02A training programme for Project Implementation Officers on technical skills was part of the project implementation process. UNICEF through the National Water Supply & Drainage Board obtained our services as the implementer of this project . A MOU too was signed between NWS &DB and PHDT before the commencement of project. We received the maximum support from the Estate Management at Pussellawa Plantations Ltd., to complete the project successfully during the year.

Construction of Rajawella School Building

kdy_03The construction of the new community hall at Rajawella Hindu National College, Digana, through the Ministry of Live Stock
& Rural Community Development was completed. The 1238 students in the school would benefit from the new community
hall built by the Kandy Region.


MJF Project at Kahawatte Plantations Ltd.

kdy_04The Region assisted the MJF Project of Kahawatte Plantations Ltd., to develop Child Development Centres and Computer Centres.




Technical Support

We provided technical support for the Social Welfare Programe launched by the Pussellawa Plantations Ltd., in its estates coming under the purview of our Region in the following.

• Upgrading staff quarters
• Water scheme
• Reroofing
• Bridge
• Latrines
• Construction of Foot path


Conducted several programmes for Estate Health Staff on the strengthening of health related activities.

1. Reduce Teenage Pregnancies in the Estate Sector
2. Awarding Ceremony of Diploma to Child Development Officers

3. Issues of Free Grant of Drugs to Estates to uplift health standard of Estate community
4. Cancer Screening Programme
5. Bi-Annual Review Meeting for Estate Health Staff







Integration of women groups with the EWHCS

The preliminary round of this programme was conducted at the Devon Hotel, Kandy, for the selected estates coming under the purview of Kahawatte Plantations Plc. Namely Kataboola, Craighead, Galamuduna, Imboolpitiya, Queensberry.

The second round was conducted at Imboolpitiya, Lower Kotmale Club, where 48 members the categories of Women Leaders, Child Development Officers and also Plantation Family Welfare Offices of the above estates participated.

The goal of these workshops was to integrate women’s leaders and women’s groups who have been trained by PHDT & WUSC to form the EWHCS Women’s Section. These women are actively involved in neighbourhood women’s and farmers Groups. We are confident in the future these women will be able to strengthen other women in the Estate Sector and work for the economic and social up-liftment of their families and communities.

An educational tour to Ampara & Baticaloa was also arranged to expose them to learn from leading women entrepreneurs in the East.

The success of these programmes conducted within six month period to establish and strengthen women’s groups was due to the collaboration and funding extended by WUSC to the PHDT.


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