Hatton Region

Under the Ministry of Hill Country New Villages, Infrastructure and Community Development many projects have been implemented for the benefit of the Plantation Community during the period under review through the PHDT.

Green Gold Housing Projects

Kotiyagalla Township Housing Project

A Township Housing Project has been introduced for the first time in the Plantation History in Kotiyagalla Estate, Bogawantalawa coming under the purview of Bogawantalawa Tea Estates PLC.   This Project consists of 184 Units with an allocation of Rs. 119,600,000.00.  Out of the 52 sites handed over to the Contractor, the progress achieved so far is as follows:-
Balance sites are ready for handing over. 



Tillicoultry Housing ProjectThis Project consisting of 10 Units have almost reached up to Roof Completed with floor concrete in 05 units. A sum of Rs. 6,500,000.00 has been allocated in respect of this Project.  The Target date for completion will be achieved.

Bambrakelle Housing Project in Bambrakelle DivisionBenefiting 20 families this project, worth of Rs. 13,000,000.00 has been allocated by the Ministry where the roof completion is 04 Units whilst the roof work in other units are in progress.  The target date for Opening of this project could be achieved.

20160920_152758 20160920_153811

Brunswick Estate – Brunswick DivisionA Project consisting of 25 Units allocated to Brunswick estate which is worth of   Rs. 16,250,000.00.  As at date foundation in 23 units whilst 02 units are in window sill level.

Mahanilu Estate

This Project is comprising of 15Units and the allocation is Rs. 9,750,000.00. Site cleared and achieved Wall Plate Level of this project is nearing completion as at date.

Christlers Farm Estate, Christlers Farm Division

After approving the Project consisting of 20 Units with an allocation of Rs. 13,000,000.00. The Progress achieved is Foundation complete 05, Window sill level-05, Roof level-09 and roof completed 01.  Target date for opening could be achieved in respect of this Project.

IMG_3730 IMG_3731

Mayfield Estate – 16 Units

With a total allocation of Rs. 10,400,000.00 this project commenced is being implemented in Mayfield Estate.

Ingestre Estate – Portree Division

This Project is comprising of 15Units and the allocation is Rs. 9,750,000.00. Foundation Completed & Wall plate level achieved of this project is nearing completion as at date.

Kenilworth Estate – No. 01 Division

Total Units  – 03- Allocation – Rs.1,95 0,000.00.  Foundation Excavation has been completed of this Project.

Stonycliff Housing estate- Rosita Division

Another project consisting of Total Units  of 23  and an Allocation of Rs. 14,950,000.00 has been approved to Rosita Division of Stonycliff Estate, Kotagala. Awaiting NBRO report after their visit to the estate on 14th September, 2016 to go ahead with the Clearance. Foundation Laying ceremony held.

20160807_140142 20160807_152025

Carry over Projects 2015

Carry over 2015-Re-roofing

Roofing Sheets received for 236 Units worth of  11.8 Million rupees in February, 2016.   Of the sheets received,  and issued by Hon.Palani Thigambaram – Minister of Hill country New Villages, Infrastructure and Community Development at Norwood Ground .

Reroofing Issuing

Special Project Carry Over 2014

Cultural Hall – Patana

Work on this project approved in 2014 has stopped in year 2015.  Having made attempts obtained approval from the Ministry to recommence the work in 2016. Work Completed.

New Life Housing Projects (continuation Projects)

Bambrakelle Estate

This project is due for opening shortly.  Currently, fabricating of window sashes is in progress and the provision of water facility is completed.  The CEB is informed with regard to Electricity supply.

Mahanilu Estate

This is a project consisting of 10 Units worth of 5.3 Million rupees.  Whilst plastering floor rendering and Door , Window sashes are completed. CEB   is informed of Electricity supply.  This project too is due for opening shortly

Kotagala Tamil school – Kotagala


With the funding assistance of the Ministry of Livestock & Rural Community Development construction of the 1st Floor of the three stored building was carried out at Kotagala Tamil School, Kotagala, benefitting more than 1200 school children.

Construction of Kotagala Dharmashalawa Pabbatharamaya

On the initiation of the Hon. Minister of Livestock & Rural Community Development, the Dharmashalawa Pabbatharamaya was constructed at Kotagala through the Regional office.

These projects were successfully completed with funding by the Ministry of Livestock & Rural Community Development and declared open by Hon. Arumugan Thondaman, Minister of Livestock & Rural Community Development.







Visit by Indian Delegation

htn_05Officials visited the Region to inspect the selection of land for the Indian housing project.




Distribution of Laugfs Gas

htn_07Subsequent to the awareness programmes held for Management/Staff and workers in collaboration with Laugfs Gas PLC, orders are being placed through us by Estates for distribution to the community.

With the objective of preventing oral cancer by early detection, Dental Hygiene Programmes have been conducted in 28 estates and 2399 patients were screened by this programme.


Review Meeting for Advance Diploma Child Development Officers

htn_06Held at Wanarajah Training Center, Dickoya and 30 Advance Diploma Child Development Officers participated at this programme. The main objective was to enhance child development and preschool activities, Promote saving habits and Household cash management for the Estate Community. The District Manger Central Province attended as the Resource Person.


Sustaining EWHCS Network

htn_08In collaboration with the WUSC and NICD a workshop was conducted in order to finalize the VANISA By laws.

Workshops to develop Women’s groups for their active participation to sustain the EWHCS in their estates were also held with the cooperation and support extended by the Estate Management..

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