Badulla Region

New Life Housing Projects

b_1The Region successfully completed housing projects consisting of 90 housing units, out of which 25 houses were constructed in Poonagalla Estate Factory Division of Maskeliya Plantations PLC, 22 houses in Mahadowa Estate Kududowa Division of Madulsima Plantations PLC, 23 houses of Telbedde Estate Kendagolla Division & 20 houses in Wewesse Estate Wewesse and Top Divisions of Balangoda Plantations PLC. This project has benefitted 90 families which includes 450 family members.

Special Projects


Under special projects, the Region completed upgrading a Kovil in Downside Estate Kahatapitiya Division, a play ground in Passara Tamil Maha Vidyalaya and concreting road with culvert in Govipolagama where the work is in progress.



Programme for EMAs and PHDT Staff on Non Communicable Diseases

This programme was held at the Badulla Regional Office Auditorium to enhance the knowledge on non communicable Diseases (NCD), prevent them among the estate population and to maintain a healthy lifestyle, organised by the PHDT and Society of Estate Medical Practitioners. The presentation was done by Dr. Chandana Wijesinghe.

Visit by World Health Organization Country Representative


The Country Representative and other officials of WHO visited Dispensaries, Child Development Centers and Maternity Wards of Gonakelle, Hindagalla and Kinellan Estates with the Director Health, Regional Director and the Health Manager of PHDT.




Study on Lung Diseases


A study on lung diseases was conducted by the Central Clinic of the Ministry of Health at the URY – Hospital, Wewesse Dispensary and at the Telbedde Hospital for which 322 beneficiaries attended.




Gender Based Violence Programmes (Pilot Project)

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The above pilot project was conducted successfully at the Badulla Region under the following categories:
a) An Advocacy Programme for the Estate Managers at the Bandarawela Hotel.
b) Training Programme for the EMAs (Training of Trainers) at the Bandarawela Hotel.
c) Training Programme for the PHMs at the Uva Management Development Institute, Palgahatenna.
d) Training Programme for the PFWOs at the Heritage Resorts, Badulla
e) Training Programme for the CDOs at the Heritage Resorts, Badulla

An evaluation team visited the Badulla Region to monitor the activities done by the Region on Gender Based Violence Programme, for which WHO Officials Mr. Azeez & Mrs. Janaki – EMN Consultants, UNFPA Regional Director, Act. Health Manager, Manager – Roeberry Estate, EMA – Pitaratmalie, PFWO – Spring Valley & Pitaratmalie, CDO- Glen Alpin and four Rajarata University Students participated.

World Health Organization visit to Kinellan Estate:


The Regional Head of the World Health Organisation visited Kinellan Estate to check on the Child Development Center and the utilisation of the generator donated by them.




Training Programme for young men & women for minimising of teenage pregnancies and Home Based Violence

b_8The AGA Office, Haputale and the PHDT organised the above programme, which was held at the Haputale Hindu Cultural Hall with the participation of PHDT AHM, AGA Passara, Officials of the AGA office Passara, Police Officers , Grama Niladari, Estate Manager, Asst. Manager, Health Staff and 110 young men and women from Regional Estates.











1. Awareness and handing over the revised EWHCS By- law to all Presidents of EWHCS was held at PHDT Auditorium, Badulla. The Asst. Commissioner of Cooperatives – Badulla and his staff also participated in the programme.
2. Celebration of International Women Day was held at the Pingarawa Estate, organised and sponsored by Cooperative Women groups and the EWHCS.
3. A Training & Awareness for the newly appointed Animators of EWHCS was held at PHDT – Auditorium, Badulla. This programme was sponsored by the Vanisa Develpomnt Fund.

4. An awareness programme on EWHCS by- law (Tamil) for Vice Presidents was held at PHDT Auditorium – Badulla
5. Accounts Training Programme for EWHCS Treasurers & Animators were held at Education Centre, Hali Ela. These programmes were sponsored by Dept. of Co-operative Development, Badulla and Vanisa Development Fund.
6. Unilever Awareness Programme for Estate Managers at Bandarawela Hotel, Bandarawela.

The objectives of this programme:
1. Offer of special rate to the EWHCS and community
2. Access to popular product range by estate community
3. Purchase of items without any transport cost to EWHCS
7. Laugfs Gas Awareness Programme for Estate Managers at Herritage Resort, Badulla.

8. Celebration of 91st International Co-operative Day – Uva Province (Badulla & Monaragala ) was held at Wellawaya
• First Place, Badulla District – Downside Estate
• Second Place, Badulla District. – Craig Estate
• Third Place, Badulla District. – Haputale Estate
• First Place, Monaragala District – Bible Estate
9. The Uva-Ketawala Co-operative outlet re-opening was held at Uva-Ketawela Estate, Hali-Ela with the participation of the Commissioner of the Dept. of Cooperatives and his staff, Estate management and the community.