Administration & HR Division

Training & Awareness Programme for Regional Social Mobilizers (RSMs)

A Training & Awareness Programme was conducted at the PHDT Main Office on 12th August 2016. The resource persons for the programme were Mr. B.M.M Bandula Assistant Commissioner of Cooperative Development (Legal inquiries) (Department of Cooperative Development) / Mr. Wimal Jayaweera –Retired Lecturer (NICD Polgolla). It was very useful and educative programme for all Regional Social Mobilizers, to enable them to enhance their Knowledge in the Legal side of Mobilization.

Effective Communication

DSCN3875 DSCN3894According to the Annual Training & Development Plan-2016, a  Programme  was arranged for PHDT main office staff, with the assistance of the Labour Department, free of charge for the 03rd consecutive year, on 09th August 2016, at the Main Office Training Center.

From this programme the staff could gain opportunity to learn and improve their communication channels & systems at work place and it was very useful for their personal lives also.

Award Competition 

Applied for SD-Excellence Award 2016 which is conducted by the Department of Labour, Ministry of Labour and Labour Relations, annually.